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Inkanto baby wraps are made for you and your baby for the most lovely, unique and natural way of  babywearing.

Exceptional attention to the raw materials: only best quality natural fibers with traceable production and with both ethical and ecological values. Inkanto wraps are woven and tested several times for achieving the maximum safety and quality.

The most beautiful things are not beautiful only outside. Inkanto baby wrap encloses a pure and ethical story of its origin. Unparalleled softness, timeless and clean design combined with accurately selected high quality natural fibres. Every model is unique because woven in small batches. Inkanto baby wraps offer unique babywearing experience enclosing a pure and transparent story with a soul of meaningful values.

Inkanto woven wrap collection is more than just baby wraps.

It’s a mindset of genuine passion for beauty with ethical soul. Made from natural, down-to-earth materials with a twist of Italian elegance.